Performance. Reliability. Affordability.

The OS-1 and OS-2 product lines offer customers a LIDAR for every need. All of our products leverage the same breakthroughs in custom silicon, rugged design, and mass manufacturing to deliver the highest performance at market leading pricing. The OS-1 and OS-2 are also designed to play well together. Systems that employ both sensors can use common code bases, command sets, calibration routines, and synchronization to reduce the overhead of integration. We can't wait to see what you do with them.



A smaller and MORE MOBILE sensor.

OS-1 is a revolution in LIDAR sensing technology engineered with marked improvements in mass, form factor, and power requirements. Ideal for automotive, drone navigation and surveying applications, OS-1 is available in 16 or 64 beam resolutions and is the most affordable high-performance LIDAR sensor on the market.


The OS-2 is designed to meet the highest performance requirements for automotive LIDAR in a form factor that still gives the system designer flexibility in choice of placement. It delivers a 200-meter range with 64 beams at a tight spacing of 15.8 degrees that is ideal for long-range sensing for highway AV and ADAS applications.

20180326 OS Series.png