EMPLOYER NAME:                     Ouster, Inc.


POSITION LOCATION:                San Francisco, CA


POSITION AVAILABLE:               Software Engineer, Mapping


MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS:       Master’s degree or foreign equivalent in Computer Science, Robotics, or a related field.


DESCRIPTION: Create software systems that automate the construction of 3D maps using a variety of sensor data. Work with the data infrastructure team to ensure that any products created can scale as the company grows. Adapt and improve lidar-based odometry (motion-sensing over time) and mapping. Create production-quality code using C++ and Python.




Knowledge or skills through education, work experience, or both, to include the following:


  • Ability to integrate and edit open source code into larger software projects.
  • Ability to implement pose graph optimization with loop closure, particularly using LIDAR point cloud data.
  • Ability to implement bundle adjustment using both LIDAR and RGB camera data.
  • Knowledge of C++, Java, and Python.
  • Knowledge of large-scale robot localization, particularly using LIDAR point cloud data.
  • Knowledge of numerical sparse and nonlinear optimization as applied to factor graphs in robot state estimation.
  • Knowledge of numerical optimization on Lie manifolds for application in robotic state estimation.


CONTACT:    Please send resume to Ouster, Inc. at mark.frichtl@ouster.io.