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Multi-beam flash lidar

High resolution | reliable & durable | low cost


Ouster’s multi-beam flash lidar delivers an unrivaled combination of performance, quality, reliability, and cost. With upfront pricing and a simpler architecture, it’s the perfect fit for autonomous vehicles, robotics, drones, and more.



16, 64, or 128 beam resolution

A solution and price for any use case

105 meter range

Fit for nearly any application (range @ 80% reflectivity)

6x less expensive

Designed for at-scale projects in any industry

396 grams

The lightest high-resolution 3D sensor available

Transparent pricing

16 channel resolution: $3,500
64 channel resolution: $12,000 ($8,000 for nonprofit)
128 channel resolution: $18,000 ($12,000 for nonprofit)



Long-range lidar sensor for use in autonomous vehicles and mapping

64 beam resolution

High resolution for difficult perception tasks

200+ meter range

Supports highway-speed driving and high-altitude drone work

22.5° vertical field of view

Allows long-range accuracy

Transparent pricing

64 channel resolution: $24,000


Ouster lidar in action: SLAM and raw data output

An OS1-64 drives around San Francisco (2x playback speed). From top to bottom: Ambient, Intensity, Range, SLAM.

The OS1-64 is able to capture ambient 2D images using its CMOS-based sensor. This video implements fixed pattern noise removal on the ambient and signal images on the client side in realtime.


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