Ouster Lidar Updates

Update Process






























To update any Ouster product follow these steps:

  1. Download the newest firmware image from this page.

  2. Make sure the sensor is on a network with a DHCP server and has gotten a DHCP lease.

  3. Open a web browser and navigate to the sensor hostname: http://os1-XXXXXXXXXXXX.local

  4. Using the browse button, select the firmware image you downloaded and click the update button. The sensor initiates its 5 minute update sequence, displays a success message, and automatically reboots at the end:

firmware_update_800px lo res.gif

1.10.0: 2/5/2019

Download v1.10.0 |  sha256: c1923f39e60f80b51178c30fde631e08b3251c1c1114b9f2272961ef91342f7a

Change log:

  • Improved TCP command interface

1.7.0: 9/10/2018

Download v1.7.0 |  sha256: 6468bab2f53b5338d226acf06ad9e8cc52aecbfa277304c8e4cdc3d08020df95

Change log:

  • Added bad Ethernet link detection. This will trigger the sensor to stop sending any data and output an error code if the cabling is wired incorrectly and fails to achieve a 1000Mb/s + full duplex link. 

  • Improved range repeatability by >2x

  • Corrected encoder tick values for 20 Hz modes

1.6.0: 8/20/2018

Change log:

  • Detection criteria changed based on more rigorous math increasing range ~10%

  • Add pps_pulse_width config_param, controls PPS output pulse width in 1 ms increments

  • Add initial error code reporting via `get_sensor_info`

  • Implemented PPS rate and angle modes

  • Improved IMU thread performance

  • Added new "enhanced near range LIDAR" mode (reduces min range to zero + other enhancements)