Ouster Lidar Downloads

Lidar User Guides

Lidar Sensor Software User Guide

Download the latest version of our lidar sensor software user guide

Lidar Sensor Hardware User Guide

Download the latest version of our lidar sensor hardware user guide

Ouster Studio

Software Download

Download the latest version of our testing and evaluation software. Available for Ubuntu 16.04.6 & 18.04.2, Windows 10, and macOS 10.12

Ouster Studio User Guide

Download the latest version of our Ouster Studio software user guide

Ouster Studio Sample Data

Download sample data for Ouster Studio so you can explore sensor data without a live feed (Download both the sample data and accompanying config file to get started)


Update process

To update any Ouster product follow these steps:

  1. Download the newest firmware image from this page.

  2. Make sure the sensor is on a network with a DHCP server and has gotten a DHCP lease.

  3. Open a web browser and navigate to the sensor hostname: http://os1-XXXXXXXXXXXX.local

  4. Using the browse button, select the firmware image you downloaded and click the update button. The sensor initiates its 5 minute update sequence, displays a success message, and automatically reboots at the end:

firmware_update_800px lo res.gif

Firmware Updates

1.12.0: May 6, 2019

Download v1.12.0 | sha256: 9bde0cbffec782577ee98dcd295ba29d46dc644b20bdaeb99e455bcb9b488353

Change log:

  • Corrected range bias

  • Suppressed inter-channel crosstalk from retroreflectors

  • Corrected IMU axis directions to match sensor coordinate frame

  • Improved network socket initialization when powering on or reinitializing


  • Version 1.12 unable to downgrade to earlier firmware version 1.11

1.11.0: March 27, 2019

Download v1.11.0 | sha256: 121d908ca67dce7cac56a215932623e3322cb0dad8b68e1a6e9a8f8bc9d034af

Change log:

  • Added NMEA $GPRMC UART message support for GPS time synchronization

  • Added ability to specify static IPv4 override and enabled IPv4 link-local addressing

  • Added additional internal integrity checks

  • Added HTTP API for system configuration

  • Added Software User Guide to sensor's integrated web server

  • Added diagnostic output page to sensor's integrated web server for troubleshooting

1.10.0: February 5, 2019

Download v1.10.0 |  sha256: c1923f39e60f80b51178c30fde631e08b3251c1c1114b9f2272961ef91342f7a

Change log:

  • Improved encoder calibration

  • Improved TCP command interface

  • Removed errors key in get_sensor_info in favor of new get_alerts command

  • Added alerts subsystem to report faults

  • Improved shot jitter performance

1.7.0: September 10, 2018

Download v1.7.0 |  sha256: 6468bab2f53b5338d226acf06ad9e8cc52aecbfa277304c8e4cdc3d08020df95

Change log:

  • Added bad Ethernet link detection. This will trigger the sensor to stop sending any data and output an error code if the cabling is wired incorrectly and fails to achieve a 1000Mb/s + full duplex link. 

  • Improved range repeatability by >2x

  • Corrected encoder tick values for 20 Hz modes

1.6.0: August 20, 2018

Change log:

  • Detection criteria changed based on more rigorous math increasing range ~10%

  • Add pps_pulse_width config_param, controls PPS output pulse width in 1 ms increments

  • Add initial error code reporting via `get_sensor_info`

  • Implemented PPS rate and angle modes

  • Improved IMU thread performance

  • Added new "enhanced near range LIDAR" mode (reduces min range to zero + other enhancements)